Crawfish Queso

Crawfish Queso

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What an outstanding item, we've taken a delicious southwest favorite, quesadilla dip / queso and added crawfish tails.  This is one of best tasting new items we've added to the site since our Crawfish Cornbread. 

This Crawfish Quesadilla Dip / Queso is excellent with tortilla chips, or you can serve it over Quesadillas, Tacos, or even a hamburger !!  It's addicting and hard to stop eating. 

Each package comes 2 lbs to an order. It's in a boil bag so all you do is place the pouch in a sauce pan, cover with water, boil the water and the water water heats the dip. After boiling for 10-15 minutes, Carefully pour the hot water out, cut one corner of the bag, and pour into your favorite serving bowl and serve.  Each 2 lbs bag will feed about 8-10 people depending on the serving size.  ( Ya better order 2 because it will not last long. ) Another GREAT idea for this product is to make ....   Crawfish Mac n' Cheese ...   Just warm the Queso and pour it over your favorite pasta or macaroni ...   It's OUTSTANDING !!!!  


See how we make the Crawfish Queso :