Live LA Crawfish to be Shipped

Live LA Crawfish to be Shipped

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Live LA Crawfish : Field run LA crawfish, ready to boil. Price includes, live crawfish, seasonings to cook the amount of live crawfish purchased, and the shipping fee for over-night delivery.

 We ship live crawfish throughout the US. HOWEVER, it is illegal for us or anyone to ship “LIVE” crawfish to the following states: Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, Michigan, Idaho, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Pennsylvania. 

 How to keep crawfish overnight:

Crawfish are a live animal, so if you don’t do anything else, they need oxygen. When you get home from work and find the ice chest, open it up. There will be a tarp that was wet when it left, it will be dry now, throw it out. The gel ice that produces oxygen will be depleted, throw those out. Take out the seasoning and put aside for later. Take the sack of crawfish and with a cool hose rinse them off. Put sack back in ice chest and put an UNOPENED bag of ice on top. The cool mist is perfect for them and will also prevent the ice chest from closing and therefore they will still get oxygen. Keep ice chest out of sun. Store in garage or carport. If bag of ice melts, throw away bag of water and repeat. 


NEVER, NEVER put live crawfish in refrigerator. No oxygen in there.